The Advantages Of Buying A Mobility Scooter

Independent Living Specialists is a pioneer establishment with over 15 years of experience supplying medical equipment and devices towards the elderly and handicapped people Australia wide in approximately 20 stores across the country.

Reasons To Select ILS As Your Partner

Although there are many mobility scooters currently in the market, very few retailers can offer a good selection, expertise and commitment comparatively with the services of Independent Living Specialists, who are well known for its branded, durable products. In addition to the various equipment, well-trained staff are present in all stores to assist customers with their knowledge and experience.

Besides, ILS is also customer service aligned and the staff are trained specially to select the perfect mobility scooter to suit the customer’s requirement. In contrary to other mobility aid retailers, ILS has a staff of Occupational and Physio Therapists specially trained to assist your needs and help in choosing the correct mobility scooter.

Independent Living Specialists also has fully qualified technicians to service, repair and provide preventive maintenance to keep the mobility scooter operating without any issues.

Free delivery is offered for online purchases above $250 Australia wide and the price is lowered by 5% if a customer happens to find a lower price on stocked items.

Mobility Scooters

A mobility scooter is generally suitable for a person who is unable to walk reasonable distances. Using a mobility scooter has proven to show an improvement in a person’s natural strength, social participation, and lifestyle. It does not have to be restricted only for elders or disable persons. Age is no barrier when it comes to using a mobility scooter, as those who are handicapped after surgery will find this scooter a great asset in their daily life.

Mobility Scooter Products

Some of the popular mobility scooters available at ILS are The Scout sport Quattro mobility scooter, The Pride Go-Go LX with CTS suspension and The Pride S19 mobility scooter.

The Scout Sport Quattro Mobility Scooter

This product has excellent features for a more comfortable and relaxed ride which include deluxe cushioned seating, contoured wide armrests, swivel seat for easy transmission, off the board and in-house charging, electromagnetic braking system and strong delta type handlebars for better control. It is known to be the most powerful scooter in the market.

The Pride Go-Go LX Mobility Scooter

This mobility scooter is equipped with comfort trac suspension to enhance its performance and value. Its features include independent front and rear suspension, sleek style, one-touch dis-assembling, and standard lighting. Its CTS makes it one of the most advanced travel devices.

The Pride S19 Mobility Scooter

This mobility scooter is an ultra-light foldable and portable mobility scooter. It is equipped with a lithium battery that provides the lightweight and larger driver range. Foldable in an easy quickstep, it takes a small space once it’s folded for easy transport indoors or outdoors. It is one of the best-advanced ultra-lightweight mobility scooters in the market.

Disabilities permissible for Mobility Scooter

Generally, a scooter is useful for people who don’t have the strength or arm/shoulder move-ability required to use a manual wheelchair. A swiveling seat of an electric scooter is much easier than moving the foot support of a conventional wheelchair. A mobility scooter is ideal for those with complete or full-body disabling conditions such as lung issues, coronary, obesity, arthritis, etc. Those who can stand and walk a few steps, sit straight without the support and able to control the steering tiller.


Being ill and indoor bound can be distressing, but it need not limit your mobility as using a mobility scooter has many advantages such as improved accessibility, preventing injury, easy to operate and gaining independence.

Improved Accessibility

The new modern mobility scooters blend well with the developing environment people hobnob, and most public spaces and shopping malls are steadily remodeling accessibility, resulting in mobility scooters having easy access to these sorts of places. Portable mobility scooters being allowed to be taken on public transport is also another benefit.

Prevents Injury

The possibility of injuries due to falls could be undoubtedly reduced with the aid of a mobility scooter. Further, this device may also be needed when a person is recovering from surgery. Using a mobility scooter restricts the physical exertion making way for a comfortable healing process.

Easy to operate

The first impression of a mobility scooter could sometimes be intimidating as the user will be unaware of how it operates, controls or even starting the device.

This is not a thing to be worried about, mobility scooters are easy to use. It is automatic and designed by professionals with the user in mind. The controls are simple and easy. It’s just a case of reading the user manual and starting the device.

In the worst scenario, Independent Living Specialists customer care professionals are present to guide and teach their customers and also arrange for a test run on the customer’s request.

Gaining Self-reliance

A mobility scooter is the best mode of transport for those who tire easily. It’s a vehicle that permits the user to get about without a caregiver.

Initially, the interest in a mobility scooter is the thought of getting all the freedom such
as not being able to walk unsupported which in return makes the person house-bound for fear of getting tired or pain inflicted.

A mobility scooter will enable a person to move around without tiring in any form. Freedom of movement can be regained with the ability to visit family and friends or shop easily in comfort.

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