Regain Independence with Aids for Daily Living

Independence is the freedom to be mobile inside your home and outside of it. Even so, there may be times when we face mobility challenges in realising that goal. Whether you or a loved one requires supportive equipment, Independent Living Specialists (ILS) offers a variety of aids for daily living. We provide products meticulously designed to enhance the ability of those who desire to live a more independent life.

Shop quality equipment and an extensive range of selection

As experts in the business for more than a decade, we recognise that it is vital for aids to be strategically designed. Quality, therefore, is paramount. It is our policy to thoroughly research and evaluate every product before we stock it in our inventory. You can shop confidently via our easy-to-navigate website or in-store at one of our showrooms across Australia, where you can receive clinical advice and support from our knowledgable staff and team of fully-trained Occupational Therapists.

Aids for daily living to provide everyday movement and comfort

The benefits of aids for daily living include convenience, support and safety when standing, sitting, walking, dressing, toileting, and bathing. Experiencing greater confidence every day is a natural side effect of utilising aids that bring an improved quality of life.

You can also reduce pressure on inflamed joints with aids for daily living. The debilitating joint disorder, arthritis, often causes pain when one or more joints become inflamed. Arthritis affects many different areas within the body; however, swelling and joint pain in the feet, knees, or ankles can be greatly alleviated with aids for daily living.

Although arthritic sufferers will find aids that support their daily mobility, no one who experiences movement limitations has to stay that way. Both arthritis sufferers and those with limited mobility can take the pressure off joints with canes, lift chairs, scooters, walkers, and wheelchairs.

Begin with a stand assist device. This helpful item is indispensable to have around your home. It offers even-body distributed support for those who need assistance transitioning from sitting to a standing position.

Aids for daily living

Wheelchairs and walkers increase your mobility

At ILS, we carry a comprehensive line of wheelchairs and walkers. Our inventory contains quality brands to match the varying needs of our customers.

The cost-efficient Drive Medical Ultra wheelchair is lightweight and is provided alongside a highly useful carry bag. The wheelchair features a backrest that folds, locking parking wheels and solid tires 8″ in diameter. The Drive Medical Ultra is an excellent option for anybody looking for a wheelchair suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

The Days Seat combination walker/wheelchair offers exceptional value for money. The device delivers optimum flexibility; it can be used for independent walking when used as a walker, and when further mobility assistance is required, it transitions into a wheelchair. The versatile design provides a smart way to manage aches and joint pain on days when your condition has worsened. The dual walker/wheelchair capability is also very convenient for storing when not in use, especially in areas where space is limited, such as hospitals, care homes and storage at home.

Lift chairs provide many benefits that increase your total wellbeing

Immobility makes it difficult to maintain proper posture. If you find you cannot quite get comfortable in your chair, it may not be providing the type of back support you need. Sitting in the same spot in the wrong type of chair for a long period stresses joints and muscles. Consequently, they can stiffen up and ache. Think about the difference a lift chair as a daily living aid could make in your life.

Lift chair options vary with the type of chair you select. Most allow you to recline all the way back into a sleeping position convenient for daytime napping or evening resting. Versatility makes lift chairs a smart investment for anyone who wants to increase their comfort level throughout their day or night.

Lift chairs also offer other advantages for your health. The devices help ease certain ailments by providing:

  • Edema relief – Takes the pressure off swollen legs by elevating them above floor level. Thus, blood flow is more easily distributed.
  •  Pressure sore alleviation – Provides a barrier between your feet and the floor when you use the leg rest.
  • Supports back comfort – Helps to ease sore muscles that cause back pain in the upper, middle, and lower areas of your back by enabling you to change reclining positions.

Among our extensive selection of lift chairs is the popular Pride LC. With a twin motor, the chair provides optimum lifting power in seconds. The Price LC is one of Pride’s most versatile lift chairs with infinite positions allowing for a variety of comfort.

The economically priced Royale Mayfair lift chair is another option you may want to consider. This chair is Royale’s most popular Mayfair electric lift chair, offering unbelievable value with its two-year Manufacturer’s warranty on the frame integrity, workmanship and electronics.

Our lift chairs are available in a range of designs and colours, making it easy for you to select a chair that best compliments the decor of your home.

Value for money aged care equipment

At ILS, senior citizens can purchase products at prices that fit their budgets. If you’re elderly or a caregiver, it is comforting to know that we understand the concerns of older individuals who have limited financial resources. Our interest-free payment plans require zero deposit and a 6-month secure price guarantee. These options enable you to buy the aids for daily living products you need without overextending your monetary resources.

Our selection of walking sticks is extremely affordable. For anybody struggling with balance, a walking stick is a useful aid to have at home, especially if you sometimes experience sudden leg join pain that can hamper movement.

Individuals also choose to invest in a wrist strap to use alongside their walking stick to avoid loss of grip and dropping the device. The wrist strap also prevents overreaching and falling when attempting to pick up the walking stick.

Make your bathroom a safer place

Slippery floors and surfaces are often unavoidable in the bathroom. This can be problematic for those facing mobility challenges who are more susceptible to sliding, falling and injuring themselves in the bathroom. Our shower chairs and bath boards help prepare the bathroom for independence and privacy.

Transitioning into the bathtub in a safe manner is possible with the Bellavita chair, which features an automatic lift seat. The chair is an ILS exclusive and at 9.3 kg, it’s the lightest bath lift available on the market.

Grab rails can also make your bathroom a more secure environment. For added convenience, our grab rails are made of stainless steel to guarantee sustained durability. Various lengths are available to cater for different spaces and user needs.

If you require extra assistance in the bathroom in regards to personal grooming, we offer a range of high-quality products including the long-handled bath brush. The curved handle prevents you from having to raise your arms above your head and twist your back. Either one of those unnatural movements can cause muscle strain.

Our raised toilet seat with swing back armrests provides convenience and added safety in the bathroom. The armrests are padded for comfort and add security when transitioning to standing.

Aids for daily living reduce the strain of movement in everyday activities

Increase your independence and reduce the likelihood of causing injury to your arms or back with this dressing stick. This device acts as a third-arm when you use it for dressing and garment removal. If you have recently had surgery, you’ll want to the expedite healing process by keeping those areas free from pressure.

When you put on your seat belt, one tug in the wrong direction could result in a pulled hand or arm muscle. A strained shoulder or hip could occur as well. Seat belt helpers keep you sitting upright when you apply your seatbelt. Use this aid to protect yourself for safe car travel without having to lean, twist, and reach back to put on your seat belt.

Outdoor activities are unlimited with ILS by your side

Mobility scooters enable you to maintain your freedom with everyday activities such as running errands, going to doctor’s appointments, and attending outdoor events with family and friends.

Here are a few other ways mobility scooters positively affect your overall health:

  1. Presents an affordable way of getting around – Scooters provide economical transportation for anyone facing physical challenges wants to be more mobile.
  2. Extends outdoor quality time – Compared to walking, you can spend more time enjoying the outdoor scenery without becoming tired too soon.
  3. Enhances a positive outlook – When you utilise aids for daily living such as scooters, you are more inclined to have a zest for experiencing life from a fullness perspective more often.

Our mobility scooters are designed for optimal maneuverability, comfort, and ease-of-use. The Scout Sport by Drive Medical features all-around suspension. The state-of-the-art scooter is ready to get you to your destination and back with ease. As an exclusive product available only at ILS, the Scout Sport is the market’s most powerful portable scooter. If you like to travel by air, you will be well within flying regulations because this scooter operates on batteries that are airline-friendly.

Quality oxygen products because every breath counts

Inogen is the leader in oxygen therapy, and we’re pleased to carry its innovative products. If you require an oxygen concentrator, you probably have already experienced the two common issues of many types of oxygen therapy devices: bulkiness and inefficiency. That is not the case with Inogen. At 1.22 kg, the Inogen One G5 is very lightweight. The portable oxygen therapy device effectively uses an 8-cell single battery. With the Inogen One G5, no heavy lifting is required to breathe in quality air anywhere you want to go.

ILS is recognised as a leading provider

We make it simple for you to obtain your desired aids for daily living mobility equipment because we offer the best quality brand names and ILS exclusive products at affordable prices. After you place your order, we commit to delivering your products to your door as soon as possible.

Aids for daily living make a remarkable difference in helping people maintain their privacy and freedom in their homes, hospitals, and rehabilitation centres. Turn to ILS as your source for premium aids for daily living and experience a life of increased independence!

Aids for daily living

We offer the lowest price guarantee online

Our guarantee for the lowest online price on the market is a policy that applies to all of our products. This means if you find an item somewhere else online and it has a lower price than ours, as long as it is a stocked item, we’ll beat it by 5%.

Fast service and customer care specialists truly enjoy helping you

Our commitment to delivering unparalleled service is ongoing. At ILS, the customer service starts before you place your order. The moment you make a purchase, we continue our dedication by shipping your aids for daily living products to you fast. We are also here to answer any questions you may have prior, during, and after you receive your order.

Express delivery Australia wide is automatic for orders of $499 or more

We value your business and reward you with an upgrade to express delivery when you order at least $499. Within five days, you should receive your products within five days. We ship Australia wide; therefore, how soon you receive your items depends on your geographical location.

NDIS Assistance Available

You may be eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Contact us if you would like assistance in determining your equipment needs for home care, including indoor and outdoor mobility. Our experienced professionals with a combined experience of 30+ years in the market can help you.

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