Ropox Incorporates Universal Design In Making Homes Accessible For Everyone

a man in a wheelchair seen grabbing a mug from a kitchen cabinet

We all love to make our homes as comfortable for ourselves as possible. When we come back from work, for example, we like to unwind and destress. For many of us, spending time in the kitchen can be therapeutic. Even taking a nice, warm shower can help us relax. These days, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, for many of us our homes have also become our office. We are spending more time at home and would want everything to be a lot more convenient for all members of the household throughout the day. Unfortunately, all aspects of a house are built keeping in mind the typical able bodied person. Can someone in a wheelchair reach the top cabinet in a kitchen? Is a countertop low enough for them to comfortably prepare food? Can a person with impaired mobility reach the wash basin without the fear of falling?

Ropox, a UK based company, has been helping people with disabilities live an independent and dignified life by providing stylish and discreet assistive technology solutions in private homes, institutions and care centers. Their products, especially for bathrooms and kitchens are very well thought out and designed, and incorporate several concepts to provide flexibility and stability to everyone. Their solutions are not only suited for people with long term disabilities, but also help with rehabilitation and retraining those who have had recent neurological disorders, spine issues or other disabilities.

Their website is a wealth of information on accessible houses and universal design. Definitely take a look there, and watch the videos below to learn more about their products and designs.

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