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We’ve seen a lot of wheelchair advancements in recent years, but one of the best developments has been lighter materials. Lighter wheelchairs make it easy to travel and go about your daily life more independently.

There are many lightweight folding wheelchairs available today, but Hi-Fortune’s self-propelled chair receives high marks for quality, durability and portability.

Features and Specs

  • Product Weight: 21 lbs.
  • Magnesium alloy frame
  • Weight capacity: 220lbs.
  • Unfolded dimensions: 37” x 27.5” x 37”
  • Folded dimensions: 29” x 11” x 33”
  • Colors: Red and blue
  • Storage bag
  • Anti-tipping wheels
  • Front/rear brakes
  • 6” PU front wheels
  • 22” solid rear tire

Our Review of the Hi-Fortune Lightweight Wheelchair

We like that the Hi-Fortune chair is lightweight, but it’s also highly durable, includes safety features, is comfortable to use and is so easy to transport.

Lightweight and Compact Yet Durable

Hi-Fortune’s wheelchair is compact and ultra-lightweight (just 21 lbs.), but it doesn’t compromise on durability or stability.

The frame is made with magnesium alloy, which is extremely lightweight and highly durable. This is the same material used in aerospace, aviation and rocket industries. It folds up, too, making it easy to transport this chair in cars, subways and even airplanes.

But what about size and weight accommodation? This chair scores well in these two areas as well.

Due to the high strength of the frame’s materials, this chair can accommodate up to 220 lbs. Unfolded, this chair has dimensions of:

  • 37” H x 27.5” W x 37” D
  • 17.72” W seat
  • 17.3” H from floor to top of the wheels
  • 16” H from floor to seat

The size of the wheelchair can accommodate most users with ease.

Safety First

The Hi-Fortune wheelchair was designed with safety in mind. With any lightweight wheelchair, there is always a concern that the chair will tip over or will be difficult to push.

Fortunately, neither of these things is a problem with the Hi-Fortune chair.

Anti-tipping wheels keep the chair from tipping backwards. The front and rear hand brakes also make it easy to stop when needed. Brakes can be accessed by the rider or the pusher.


For such a lightweight chair, the Hi-Fortune is comfortable. The padded seat and backrest are made of durable yet comfortable materials that are easy to clean. The padded armrests also give users a place to rest their arms.

The swing-away footrests make it easy to get in and out of the chair, but they also provide a comfortable place for users to rest their feet.

The large rear wheels make it easier to ride on uneven surfaces.

A storage bag is included with this wheelchair, which can be accessed from behind the chair. The pouch is a great place to store essential items when you’re out and about.

Easy Assembly

If you’re worried about a complicated assembly, don’t be. The Hi-Fortune chair comes almost fully assembled. You won’t need any tools or complicated instructions to get your chair ready for use.

All you have to do is attach the footrests and back safety rollers.

Easy Portability

The lighter weight and foldability of this wheelchair make portability and travel a breeze. The footrests can be removed, and the quick-release wheels make it easy to store this wheelchair in a trunk.

Because it folds up to a slim profile, you could easily take it on the subway or check it on an airplane.

Folding the chair is easy:

  • Fold down the backrest
  • Pull up on the middle of the seat
  • You’re good to go!

Caregivers can also remove the large back wheels with the push of a button.

Once you get to your destination, it takes just minutes to unfold and attach the wheels.

Benefits of the Hi-Fortune Lightweight Wheelchair

Hi-Fortune’s chair offers some attractive benefits that other lightweight wheelchairs may be lacking.

Great for Traveling

Lightweight wheelchairs are great for traveling, and the Hi-Fortune chair can be self-propelled or pushed for even greater versatility. If you want to take a trip on your own or just visit the grocery store, the lighter weight and foldable design of this chair makes that possible.

Store it in your trunk, or check it at the airport. Your wheelchair easily goes wherever you go.

Can Handle Rough Terrain

The large back wheels make it easier to navigate more difficult terrain both indoors and outdoors. Uneven sidewalks and grassy areas can be hazardous for some lightweight wheelchairs, but the Hi-Fortune chair handles these areas surprisingly well.

Its ability to handle tough terrain is just another reason why this chair is great for traveling.

Accommodates Most Users

With a weight limit of 220 lbs. and a seat width of 17.72,” this wheelchair can accommodate most users with ease.

The padded seats and armrests make this chair more comfortable, and the swing-away footrests make it easy to get into and out of the chair. We like that this chair even has footrests, as many don’t. They make the ride a little more comfortable, and you can choose not to use them if that’s more comfortable. If you prefer not to use them, you can remove them entirely.


The Hi-Fortune lightweight wheelchair makes it easy to transport and travel with your wheelchair. Even though it weighs just 21 lbs., this chair is still highly durable and feels stable when riding in it.

If you’re looking for a self-propelled, lightweight wheelchair that you can take on vacations or that will just make your everyday life easier, the Hi-Fortune chair is a great option.

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