Selecting the correct oxygen concentrator is a difficult task considering the availability of various oxygen concentrators in the market. Although a physician will determine the amount of oxygen a patient needs, the exact device is not recommended. Therefore, the user could select an oxygen concentrator that is compatible to suit the lifestyle and usage.

Two of the best portable oxygen concentrators from Inogen is Inogen One G5 and Inogen One G3. A decision could be taken on which device is best suited after each concentrator is reviewed and assessed according to a person’s specific requirements.

Flow Settings of Inogen One G3 vs Inogen One G5

Both these devices are pulse dose oxygen delivery systems built with Inogen’s Intelligent Delivery Technology. This is a technology that makes sure the oxygen is delivered with the first 400 milliseconds when you breathe in and that is when the oxygen is most effective on lung gas exchange.

The G3 and G5 also vary in the order of oxygen flow settings provided. The Inogen One G3 has five different flow settings in comparison to the modern Inoogen  One G5 which has six. Generally, the flow settings requirement is decided by a doctor.

Size and Weight

Both these devices are compact and lightweight and ideal for those who need to carry a portable oxygen concentrator at all times.

The G3 device has single 8-cell battery and weighs 4.9lbs and the G5 device is a little smaller weighing 4.5lbs.


The vital element to consider when selecting a portable oxygen concentrator is the lift of the battery and the time duration it takes to charge the device. It is necessary to ensure the battery life of your oxygen delivery system suits your lifestyle without stressing thinking about recharging your concentrator if you are invariably on the go or travelling non-stop.

The battery life of both concentrators depends on the pulse dose setting and battery type. (the single 8-cell or the double 16-cell).

The Inogen One G3’s battery life is approximately 4 hours with the single battery and 5.5 hours on a double battery on a setting of 2. In comparison, the Inogen One G5 is equipped with one of the long-lasting battery life portable concentrators in the market today. It lasts up to 4.5 hours with a single battery and 9 hours with a double battery on a setting of 2.

Considering the long-lasting battery life and highest oxygen output, the Inogen One G5 is the best portable oxygen concentrator solution for people who lead busy active lives.

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