Comcast Announces Eye Tracking Remote For Its DVR

the comcast remote interface shown on a tablet. Jimmy is seen dwelling on the

Keeping inclusive design and accessibility at the forefront , and making sure that every customer has an uninterrupted experience while watching tv, Comcast recently announced a new eye tracking interface that allows people with disabilities to channel surf with just their eyes.

Primarily designed for people with ALS, muscular dystrophy or anyone who cannot use a remote, this eye tracking interface works with Comcast’s Xfinity X1 Cloud DVR. This new interface works with any eye tracking device connected to a computer or tablet. Users can go to a url, pair their DVR with the eye tracking remote when they log in for the first time, and then immediately start using it to channel surf. This interface has all buttons typically found on a physical remote, like guide, up down arrows and numbers. Dwelling on a button shows exactly where the computer thinks the person is looking at so they can  adjust their eye movement in case they are not focusing on the right area of the button. (see how this works in video below).

The interface is very easy to use and only takes a minute or so to calibrate a user’s eyes. Watch the video below to  see how Jimmy Curran, a Philadelphia based research analyst and author who has muscular atrophy uses it to watch tv.

Source:Fast Company

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