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Apple to Release ‘Voice Control’ on its Devices

Apple’s latest upgrade allows users to fully control their computers and mobile devices using only their voices. With integrated dictation and editing, Voice Control has the potential “to change our level of independence for those of us with high mobility impairments,” says Ian Mackay, a C3-4 quad and the man Apple tasked with introducing the technology to the world in a new commercial.


Canadian Courts: Personal Care Attendants Must Fly Free

In one of those moves that seems reasonable yet totally shocking, a Canadian court recently ruled that it’s discriminatory to require disabled airline passengers to purchase a second ticket for personal care attendants. A disabled passenger’s accompanying PCA will now be able to travel free of charge on flights that stay within Canada. Looks like politics might not be the only reason people start moving to Canada.


Ali Stroker Makes History

Ali Stroker is no stranger to breaking ground, but it had to top her wildest dreams when she was recently announced as the winner of a Tony Award, making her the first wheelchair user to ever win Broadway’s highest honor. Fellow actor Teal Sherer takes a look at the significance and the controversy of Stroker’s big night.


Popular UTI Antibiotics and Tendon Rupture

For those living with paralysis, urinary tract infections can be an all too common occurrence. In this month’s Para/Medic, Bob Vogel examines a class of antibiotics long-used to treat UTIs and the mounting evidence that they may put you at risk for tendon problems. Fortunately, by proactively preventing UTIs, treating with bacteria-specific rather than broad-spectrum antibiotics and checking the “antibiogram” for your area, you can minimize your potential for tendon damage while also maintaining your bladder health.

Political Volunteering With a Disability

“Writing letters to the editor, attending meetings of local boards, volunteering at citizens groups around town, or even meeting with judges or police officials are all ways to exert influence — and much more effective than rage-watching cable news in your underwear,” writes Abe Munder, a political novice turned organizer, in this timely how-to guide for turning frustration into action.


Wine on Wheels Rolls Into Portland

To celebrate 30 years of New Mobility, the NM staff is busy planning a Portland, Oregon, wine tasting event in partnership with the authoritative voice on wine from our community, sommelier and para Yannick Benjamin. Wine on Wheels Portland will tap into the Pacific Northwest’s growing reputation as one of the premier regions for wine, and the funds raised will help bring NM’s brand of disability journalism into the 21st century. Click the link for full event and ticket info.

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