Walkers are available at all stores of Independent Living Specialists Australia wide in various sizes, depending on a person’s height, weight, mobility requirement and environment. A simple but strong walking cane is suitable for a person who needs minimum support to maintain the balance, but the walker is a better choice for a person who may need extra support to walk.

Mobility walkers with seats are very popular and help a user to move, stop and rest safely and independently. The entire range of walkers at Independent Living Specialist have been chosen carefully from well-known brands.

90% of the walkers are available at an affordable price of less than $500.

7 of the popular range of walkers below $500 are as given below:

Hero Medical Seat Walker –Rollator-4 Wheeled Walker

Priced at just $99.99, it is a heavy-duty quad seat walker capable of carrying a limit of 130kg. Features include lock brake system, 15cm flat ridged wheels to decrease wheel sway and increase grip, comfortable foldable rounded backrest and usable indoors and outdoors.

Travel Lite Portable Outdoor Seat Walker

Priced at $269.99, this comes with a seat, bag and crutch holder. This is one of the latest walkers by the Hero brand. Manufactured to give the best user mobility with many vital features including a handle that can quickly adjust the height and foldable system. Operating and comfort is excellent with minimum repairs.

Drive Medical Rollator Nitro Walker

Priced at $328.99, it provides the best in the sense of comfort and convenience. The lightweight aluminium frame provides easy usage and movement. It can be used in any place indoors or outdoors.

Able Life Space Save Rollator

This walker is considered as the world’s most compact and portable walker introduced by Independent Living Specialists in December 2018 and priced at $499.99. Being incredibly lightweight at 6.3kg, it can even be folded to fit into the front seat of a car. Manufactured with high-grade aircraft aluminium, it is capable of carrying up to 115kg and equipped with a secured braking system with modified brake pads.

Seat Walker with Basket

Priced at $165.999, this lightweight aluminium seat walker has lockable loop lever handbrakes, soft rubber handgrips and adjustable in height. Its curved padded backrest and the cushioned seat could be lifted to access the useful shopping basket inside. It can also be used indoors and outdoors.

Nexus Cable Free Seat Walker

Priced at $399.99, this walker has introduced a new way to think about mobility. Being the primary cross folding frame, it paved the standard for future walker designs. It is the only cable-free walker and guarantee years of good maintenance as the cable cannot get loose in the frame. Its padded backstrap can flip up to a two-position seating and twin front fork assembly for smooth movement.

Invacare Mobility Folding Walker

Priced at $120, this walker is equipped with anti-rattle silencers for a quiet operation and comfortable PVC grips to last against constant use. It has a lightweight aluminium height adjustable frame, with a single push-button provision for visual and audible locked signals.

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