Your Complete Guide to Zimmer Frames

Struggling with mobility issues decreases the quality of your life. If you’re looking for a mobility device to give you much-needed relief and support, a zimmer frame could be the perfect solution.

Whether you or a loved one has difficulty going to the store, doing minor chores in the house, or enjoying time with family and friends due to health issues or injuries, investing in a mobility aid such as a zimmer frame can make all the difference.

Walking is one of the best exercises for older adults, and a zimmer frame can enable and prolong this valuable source of physical activity. Knowing how to use this mobility aid can transform life as you know it and help you to enjoy the additional safety a zimmer frame provides. The purpose of this guide is to share with you everything you need to know to help you find a walking frame to fit your individual needs.

What Are Zimmer Frames?

A zimmer frame is designed with ease of use in mind. This option is the best walking aid or mobility device for elderly and disabled people who need additional support as they navigate through their daily life. Walking frames can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on the model. This helpful mobility aid is available in different sizes that are usually adjustable to suit your needs alongside various designs to accommodate individual preferences.

A quick search online returns thousands of zimmer frames that may leave you feeling confused about which one is best for you. Here at Independent Living Specialists, we’ve prepared a curated list of high-quality products so you can easily browse and find the right zimmer frame for you.

Who Should Consider Zimmer frames?

Those who have difficulties standing up, need stability while walking, or require additional support to maintain balance should consider investing in a zimmer frame. Also, people with a permanent walking disability, those undergoing rehabilitation from an injury or surgery, and older adults who have a high risk of falling are ideal candidates for a zimmer frame.

A walking frame can be part of a temporary program or a long-term aid for individuals with ongoing walking issues. For those using a zimmer frame during rehabilitation, it gives them confidence before they can move on to another type of walking aid. It can help individuals regain their independence while still being safe.

Although a zimmer frame is a very helpful mobility aid, it’s not the right support device for everyone. If you travel long-distances or require increased mobility support, you might be more suited to a wheelchair or a mobility scooter. Alternatively, if you only need minimal support to get around, perhaps a walking stick is the right aid for you.

How Can Zimmer Frames Improve Your Life?

The zimmer frames available at Independent Living Specialists give you the opportunity to continue doing everyday activities you love and to do so safely and comfortably. Take a look at the specific benefits you can gain from using a zimmer frame.

Increase muscle use

Muscles tend to relax or slack when not in use, and if you’re not a very active person, this can cause health issues over a prolonged period of time. Although it can be challenging to maintain an active lifestyle, especially after surgery or as you get older, using your muscles regularly has numerous health benefits. A zimmer frame is a must-have for the elderly since no matter how old you are, muscles give you the ability to walk and move. Mobility affects the whole body positively and inspires a lower risk of diabetes, weight loss, and lower cholesterol, among other health benefits.

Handle excess weight

If you’re unsteady on your feet or find walking unaided difficult, carrying out daily activities can be taxing and painful for the body since the weight from your legs is not distributed properly. When you try to walk without the help of a walking aid, do you immediately feel exhausted? If so, a zimmer frame can help solve this issue. A zimmer frame allows equal distribution of your body weight to the arms. When the weight is taken away from the legs, distress and pain are significantly decreased. As a result, many people find that they can walk further distances and for a longer period than before.

Improve confidence

Perhaps one of the main benefits a zimmer frame offers is enhanced confidence. A mobility aid can enable you to regain your independence. You’ll no longer need to depend on a loved one to help you walk and get around.

Help with stability and balance

With four separate extending legs, the structure of a zimmer frame is designed to give greater mobility support. This large area of support ensures that you can enjoy stability and balance from all sides. Zimmer frames are also built to withstand your body weight. It allows for a maximum level of support so you or your loved one won’t have to worry about slipping or falling as they use it.

How to Stay Safe When Using a Zimmer Frame

It is important to note that it is crucial to know the correct way to use a zimmer frame. Using the device improperly can jeopardize one’s safety.

Zimmer frames are designed to help people, but it does not mean you should forego tips to help improve your safety. If you plan on using your zimmer frame in your home, make sure that all your carpets and rugs are firmly attached to your floor. This way, you won’t slip or fall. The floor should also be clean at all times. So ask your loved ones to clear objects lying around.

Your floor should also remain dry since wetness increases the risk of slippage. It is also a good idea to invest in comfortable shoes that have a grip sole, so you can balance better and decrease your risk of falling.

Choosing a Zimmer Frame from Independent Living Specialists

Before you purchase a zimmer frame, it is crucial to take into consideration several factors to ensure that you are not putting your safety or health at risk.

Height and width of the frame

Take time to consider the height and weight of the frame before you get it since it can directly affect your comfort level. If the frame is too tall for you, you won’t be able to extend your arms, and your weight will not be distributed properly. If this is the case, your legs will probably take the strain. If the zimmer frame is too low, it will cause your back to curve, which can lead to spinal problems.

When examining the width, take note of the places you will be using your zimmer frame. For example, it should fit through all your doors with ample space on each side. This way, you can move easily without feeling restricted.

Your weight and height

Aside from considering the height and width of the frame itself, you should also factor in your physical size. Specifically, think about your height and weight in relation to the dimensions of your zimmer frame. Remember, a wider frame translates to increased stability. This option can be a better choice for users who are heavier or tall. The zimmer frames available at Independent Living Specialists feature various options, including height adjustable and width adjustable devices to accommodate all heights and weights to guarantee optimal comfort and support.

Zimmer Frames at Independent Living Specialists

Here’s a selection of the walking frames available at Independent Living Specialists. Browse the full range here. Our zimmer frames are selected from a range of reputed manufacturers from their diverse features and benefits.


Standard zimmer frames have four legs and need to be picked up and moved forward with each step by the user. Although it is more taxing to use, this is a top choice for many since it is the most stable thanks to its wide base. A standard zimmer frame is also best used on level surfaces. It is ideal for those who are confident with their upper body strength and cannot put weight on their legs.

Coopers Walking Frame

If you are looking for a low-value basic zimmer frame, the Coopers Walking Frame grants you ideal support for your daily needs. The height and weight are adjustable and comes in three sizes to choose from. Aside from being adjustable depending on your demands, this standard zimmer frame is also very comfortable to use thanks to its contoured plastic hand grips fitted with anti-rattle brushes.

This product contains lightweight aluminium and features four rubber tips that improve stability. Since the product is non-folding, you need to have ample space in your car if you plan on transporting it when you’re out and about.

Zimmer Frame

Zimmer Frame

Wheeled and folding

If you intend to use your zimmer frame on uneven surfaces, it’s better to choose a wheeled option instead of the standard design. Wheeled folding walkers are also a fantastic option since they are easy to carry wherever you go and can fit through small doorframes.

Able Life Space Saver Rollator

One of the best-sellers at Independent Living Specialists, the Able Life Space Saver Rollator, gives you independence in the best and most stylish way possible. This unique zimmer frame boasts a patented design that allows it to fold to as little as 13 inches in diameter.

Whether you want to take it to the park, grocery store, or family reunions, you’ll definitely enjoy this portable and durable option.

Nexus Cable Free Seat Walker

Another top choice you should consider is the Nexus Cable Free Seat Walker. It offers a cross-folding frame, and it can stand independently even when folded. Despite its design, the stability and safety performance is not compromised, which makes this one of the most reliable products you can find on the market.

Drive Medical Carbon Fibre Nitro Elite Super Light Weight Seat Walker

One of the most well-designed zimmer frames on the market, the Drive Medical Carbon Fibre Nitro Elite Super Light Weight Seat Walker does not only look sleek, but it also offers optimum mobility. Its exceptional mobility is thanks to its sturdy braking system and large wheels. It can also be folded to a compact size easily when not in use and stored in its convenient on-the-go storage.

Zimmer Frame

Zimmer Frame

Forearm Walkers

Forearm zimmer frames are the best option for users with limited wrist and hand strength. These comfortable zimmer frames are padded and feature adjustable hand grips, height, and chest rest. This way, the user can remain comfortable while being mobile.

Hero Medical Tutor Plus Forearm Walker

The Hero Medical Tutor Plus Forearm Walker is hard to beat when it comes to forearm zimmer frames. Users in hospitals and residential aged care facilities can easily interchange the four wheels with rear legs skis to give them the versatility they need. Its durable arm pads are studded into the framework. It is also made with a moulded compound, so it is easy to disinfect and clean.

Zimmer Frame

Zimmer Frame

Knee Walkers

Knee walking frames either have three or four wheels that give users a great alternative to standard walkers. The mechanism of this zimmer frame allows individuals to propel themselves using one leg while the other one rests on a comfortable platform. It is recommended for people who find it hard to carry weight or those who have an injured or disabled leg.

Hero Medical Knee Walker

The perfect product for people looking for lightweight knee Zimmer frames, the Hero MedicalcoKnee Walker is made of durable steel frame and boasts large wheels made with PVC, so users don’t have to worry about it getting flat. To provide comfort, the knee pad is made with polyurethane, and it also offers reliable hand brakes for control and security.

Independent Living Specialists Can Help You

Browsing and finding a zimmer frame can have its challenging, whether the device if for yourself or a family member. Thankfully, Independent Living Specialists can help you throughout your journey with our Occupational Therapists available to provide any clinical advice and support you may need. With zimmer frames that offer safety, support, balance, and stability to users with various needs, you’ll be sure to find the right zimmer frame device to suit you from our wide selection of walkers.

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