When less is more, three-wheel scooter

Power mobility provides people the ability to be more independent outdoors and, to some extent, even indoors – probably not at home, but imagine the advantage of a scooter at a shopping center, for example. If you have lower body weakness/stiffness, decreased functional activity tolerance/stamina, lung disease, arthritis, obesity, and other diseases, a power scooter may provide you with the means to performing everyday tasks that you previously could not complete without difficulty.

There are various options of power mobility including power wheelchairs, power three-wheel scooters, and power four-wheel scooters. Choosing one can be tricky, but by knowing the advantages of each type of scooter, that will allow you to choose the best option for you. Power wheelchairs primarily are driven by joystick, and scooters are primarily driven by steering column, also known as a tiller.  

Mobility Advantage

A three-wheel scooter is designed with two driver wheels in the back and one articulating wheel in the front. As compared to a four-wheel scooter, these are smaller and narrower. Due to their size, three-wheel mobility scooters are great indoors or on outdoor smooth surfaces. Their design allows for a tighter turning radius and better navigation in smaller spaces; whereas a four-wheel is mostly used for outdoors on uneven surfaces and in larger areas.  

Size Advantage

Three-wheel scooters also provide a leg-room size advantage. They are great for those with longer legs as there is more room, or those with achy joints or stiff legs. 

Weight Advantage

Another advantage is that the three-wheel scooters are more lightweight than their four-wheel counterparts; and typically cost less than a four-wheel scooter.

Invacare Orion Pro

Invacare’s Orion Pro is an upgraded power scooter with enhanced battery performance, 12” wheels, and improved suspension, coming in both a three-wheel and four-wheel option. The three-wheel Orion Pro weighs 126kg and has a turning radius of 2500mm, while the four-wheel Orion Pro weighs 136kg and has a turning radius of 2750mm. 

These scooters have been subjected to German independent TUV laboratory testing, ensuring that users can be confident they are driving a scooter of the highest quality. The Orion Pro comes with several safety features, such as on-board electronic speed reduction system (reducing speeds around curves) and a two-step disengaging lever (preventing the scooter from free-wheeling). These scooters also come equipped with adjustable tillers for positioning, ergonomic steering, hand brakes, and brake lights and can be customized to your liking with color options and accessories. 

A choice of classic colors of marble white, allium blue, jade green, diamond silver and garnet red are all available as standard, while the premium range of colors including carmine red, iconic chrome, electric blue, luxor beige and crystal copper are an optional extra. 

The exclusive Orion Pro Sport is also available, which comes with premium colors as standard, the option to upgrade to hydrographic colors, and sports wheels with stylish rims and sporty wing-mirrors both included. 

There are several accessory options as well, including a backrest bag, windscreen, USB adapter, smartphone holder, crutch/cane holder, walking frame holder, oxygen tank holder, XL front basket, storage cover, height adjustable foot box, lockable storage box, electric seat riser, large rear basket, foldable cup holder, quick release lap belt, and steel bumpers.  

More information regarding the Invacare Orion Pro can be found at this Orion Pro document, as well as at Invacare Scooter site.

In conclusion, if you have good trunk control and upper extremity control, plan on using the scooter primarily indoors or on smooth outdoors surfaces, need a small turn radius and a more lightweight option, the three-wheel scooter is your best mobility option!  

Depending on where you live, your medical insurance may cover a portion of your scooter’s price, providing that it is deemed medically necessary.

With a top driving speed of 15km/h, ground clearance of 100mm, and max driving distance of 52km, the Invacare Orion Pro three-wheel scooter is the perfect choice!

Invacare presume Medical professional and care team have made an individual assessment of the user to determine the patient’s risk level or therapy requirements. Reader should get in contact with a Medical professional prior to acquiring the medical equipment.

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