Wheelchairs Or Mobility Scooters: Which Should You Get?

A wheelchair or mobility scooter are two equipment which provides immense relief to those saddled with immobility. In this day and age, seniors or handicapped individuals do not have to be confined to one place due to a disability. Depending on the severity of the illness any of this equipment could be used to move around and be independent.

Being Independent as a Senior

Most seniors dream of being independent all through their life. However, in reality, this is an impossible task especially when immobility sets in with age or illnesses.

Being independent helps to achieve a sense of meaning in their life. If they are strong and sturdy they can still contribute and support their family needs and enjoy social activities. The possibility of setting and reaching objectives might have a great effect, although it may seem small.

Although some barriers to independence cannot be avoided, there are various ways and means of opportunities for independent living. Using a suitable mobility device to combat disability could be considered as the most sensible decision taken.

How to be Independent with Disabilities

A common trait in adults with disabilities is having an inactive lifestyle and unhealthy diet which leads to obesity and more complicated diseases.
Being aware of making healthy lifestyle choices is the best way to work for independence.

Most often people tend to care for the patient’s well-being by taking full control to do the best for them, but this could result in the patient becoming more dependent on you as a carer. Therefore, it is recommendable to be a support to the patient instead of controlling. This attitude could gradually give the patient a feeling of protection in the process of moving towards greater independence.

Introduce ways to interact and communicate with more people outside the family circle to build their confidence.

Introduce mobility equipment suitable for the disability and encourage them to be independent without assistance.

A wheelchair is a piece of mobility equipment with seating operating on wheels propelled manually or automatically. It is generally used when a person is unable to walk due to an illness, injury, or disability. A wheelchair assists the user and carer to increase mobility and independence making their daily activities easy despite mobility shortcomings. It aids in the healing process and provides many social and mental health benefits too.

A mobility scooter is usually used by those who can walk and physically handle themselves on or off a seating device. It is a mobility aid similar to a wheelchair but manufactured like a motor scooter with battery power.

It undoubtedly increases a person’s independence as it enables to go outdoors and visit relatives, friends, and malls as and when required. The benefits are manifold psychologically, boosting confidence and freedom.

Currently, the new mobility scooters are designed to fit in with the changing social world. Public spaces have been improved to meet the accessibility and all barriers have been removed probably making it get better with time.

Choosing the right equipment to suit your needs

Firstly the type of equipment has to be recommended by your doctor after carefully assessing the nature of the disability or mobility impairment. Thereafter,
select a device that provides a stable way of moving around comfortably and safely.

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