Lifting an elderly person or an invalid manually can put a strain on both parties, eventually, it will result in either back pain or other injuries. Patient lifters come in useful when transferring patients from one place to another, making it easier and comfortable for both the patient and the caregiver. Independent Living Specialists has a wide array of slings, hoists and other lifting devices suitable for various needs of the patients. Specially sourced from well-known brands, all these products are strong and manufactured strictly for better comfort and safety.


Primarily, patient lifts were manufactured to assist caregivers but it is now being used to assist in basic rehabilitation and performing clinical procedures. In addition to providing comfort to the patient, it assures greater safety due to fall preventions and reduction in bruises and skin injuries.

Therapeutic benefits are a speedy foundation of passive weight-bearing movements and training to move. Prevention of a distortion of a muscle is also a likely benefit. Further, a patient’s analytic result and complete care of the patient can be improved with this easy lifting process by the caregiver.


Independent Living Specialists has some of the best patient lifting products in all their stores Australia wide.

Patient transfer walk belt, general purpose sling with head support, Pivot sling, stand up sling and Scaleo compact Poweo patient lifter are the top five patient lifts available at ILS.

Patient Transfer Walk belt

The patient transfer walk belt is slip resistant and soft padded. It is a product of the Royale brand and available in two sizes. It helps the caregiver to safely transfer a patient comfortably. Made out of heavy-duty fabric for utmost safety, stitched twice, with highly clear hand grips, slip-resistant lining inside to reduce belt from slipping and improved edging to guarantee durability.


General Purpose Sling with Head Support

This product from Invacare is available in five sizes in many fabrics or mesh. There is also a provision to easily remove clothing for toilet transfers. Preferable for less secure patients’ toilet transfers.

Invacare General Purpose Sling

Pivot Sling

This sling is a product from Invacare and available in five sizes with a choice of fabric or mesh. A patient could be lifted in either a sitting or lying position in this sling. Its capability of positioning a patient in a sitting position really helps accurate seating. It is recommended for general lifting which includes floor lifting.

Pivot Sling

Stand Up Sling

This Invacare product has been designed to lift a patient with ease from a seated to a standing position. It supports the patient from the waist to the shoulder with provision to move the arms freely to enable the hands to reach and naturally grip the support rails when the patient rises.

It is recommended for patients who are having weight issues and it is available in two types depending on whether the lifter is a loo or keyhole attachment.

Standup Sling

Scaleo Compact Poweo Patient Lifter with 4 Point Spreader

This French product is light and foldable and usable in home care and nursing home. It is very easy to use and could lift a patient from the floor equipped with mechanical and electrical emergency lowering, the mechanical opening of the legs, transportable and the low base is suitable to fit under wheelchairs, beds or bathtubs.


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