Tissue Viability Nurse

Every day, a tissue viability nurse assists in the prevention of skin breakdown and facilitating in the healing of wounds caused by pressure injuries.

The maintenance and restoration of skin integrity continues to amount to a considerable proportion of healthcare budgets, costing £6500 per ulcer to treat (Posnett and Franks 2007).

Not only are these unnecessary costs arising, but also is the amount of time clinicians spend on treating these avoidable wounds each day. The time taken to treat is adding a great strain onto the day to day workload of these caregivers and possibly impacting the quality of work.

With the provision of pressure relieving equipment, we can often help to reduce and in many cases, prevent these avoidable wounds, and therefore less caregiver time and budget spent on treatment.

Reducing treatment time will ensure that staff are able to have their full attention on other areas and maintain a high quality of care for their patients, resulting in quicker recovery, quicker discharge, stress free staff and reduced cost of care.

Seating Matters are skilled in the areas of pressure management, falls prevention, in moving and handling, in education and equipment provision for healthcare settings.

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