Ten Mobility Units To Buy This Festive Season

Independent Living Specialists is a well-known Australian establishment supplying high quality mobility units and services for the handicapped and senior citizens. People always prefer to deal with a reliable supplier who provides popular quality brands and ILS is considered the best solution in this regard.

ILS introduces a range of quality new products during the season. The products vary from mobility aids and accessories to home care equipment. Their main focus is to help the immobile people to gain freedom and lead a normal life.

Lift Chair

Royale Mayfair Luxury Electric Recliner Chair

Mayfair electric lift chair is a popular unit available in high-quality vinyl to complement any home décor. It is designed to provide the highest comfort with the best support for the upper and lower back.

Mobility Scooter

The Drive Medical scout sport Quattro mobility scooter with all-round suspension is the most powerful portable scooter available and its deluxe cushioned seat with stitching and contoured wide armrests gives additional comfort to its relaxed ride.


Improve total mobility
The Drive Medical ultra-lightweight portable wheelchair is a strong and lightweight device and could be used for shopping, day out, vacations, etc.

Power Chair

The Drive Medical Titan power chair is a front-wheel-drive device. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use due to its front-wheel system, positioning the drive wheel forward of the user’s centre of gravity, resulting in the chair being very stable and safe riding over small obstacles.

Seat Walker

The Hero Medical Seat Walker is a heavy-duty four-wheeled walker equipped with a new light-touch lock brake system, 15cm flat ridged wheels to reduce wheel wobble and improve grip and foldable round backrest for comfort. Usable both indoors and outdoors


Inogen One G4 Oxygen Concentrator

This device is capable of delivering oxygen 24/7 despite the small size. It is the smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator produced by Inogen.

Living Aids

The pan handle holder is ideal to prevent the pan from turning while stirring with one hand. The widespread suction cup base provides support and keeps the suction cup away from the heat.

Bathroom Aids

The Hero bath board-standard

This is a comfortably shaped device equipped with a handle, soap dish and adjustable to fit bath widths between 450mm to 710mm. The rubber pads secure the bath board and assists to avoid slipping and the shaped edge helps drainage.

Bedside foldable commode

The collapsible bedside commode is a lift-back seat toilet seat with a commode bowl. The frame is adjustable to suit the height and user’s requirements.

Premium Bariatric Shower Chair

This product is a heavy-duty daily use bathroom aid manufactured with aluminium pinched tubing, easy to maintain and capable of holding up to 280kg. The latest “S” bend design allows the user to fit between the armrests manufactured from high-density plastic to reduce flex.

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