As clinicians, we know that too many patients are suffering a reduced quality of life from avoidable pressure injuries and far too much money is being spent by health services worldwide on reacting to these problems after it is too late.*

Clinical, functional seating can help solve these problems when The 4 Principles of Clinical, Therapeutic Seating are adhered to:

  1. Load the Body.
  2. Provide Postural Support.
  3. Effective Repositioning.
  4. Use an Appropriate Surface.

Until now, the Seating Matters range of chairs provided it’s customers with the ability to adhere to all 4 principles, but what happens when a higher level of pressure management is required?

Designed by a team of engineers & clinicians led by Occupational Therapist, Martina Tierney to provide the next level in pressure care.

NexTier Cushion High Res Textured TRANSPARENT-1NexTierTM

An anti-shear, 3-tiered cushion that moves with the body to reduce the negative effects of shear & friction.


  • Medical grade silicone with active anti-shear properties to reduce the negative effects of shear & friction & assist with body temperature regulation.
  • Memory foam mid section, increases comfort, pressure management & allows for immersion & envelopment.
  • Base foam provides stability.

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AirTier Textured High Res TRANSPARENTAirTierTM

A high risk air & gel combination cushion with interconnected cells, redistributing pressure & enhancing patient care.


  • Medical grade silicone-based gel tier creates an active ‘anti-shear’ layer.
  • The air tier has been shown to enhance capillary function.
  • 3 tiers of polyurethane film result in durable, puncture resistant cells.

In addition to the air tier, the combination of gel & foam ensures that, should the air deflate, there is still a high level of pressure management, a feature not commonly found in other air cushions.

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Do you know someone who may benefit from a high grade pressure cushion?

If you would like to know more about these products, a Seating Specialist who has been clinically trained by Martina Tierney OT will visit at a time and place to suit you to carry out a free seating assessment and discuss these high grade pressure cushions.

This can be a home, hospital or care facility. They can support an OT or Physiotherapist or assess the patient independently.

We also offer remote & virtual assessments for clients that are unable to accept visitors at the time. Get in touch with our team to discuss your options.


** Note – the purpose of this blog is to give an overview of the product with some tips to consider on its use. This is not intended to be a substitute for professional or medical advice, diagnosis, prescription or treatment and does not constitute medical or other professional advice. For advice with your personal health or that of someone in your care, consult your doctor or appropriate medical professional.


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