Quickly and Easily Sign Up for SCI Clinical Trials

SCITrials.orgSCITrials.org is a new searchable platform that makes it easy for people with spinal cord injuries who want to participate in clinical trials to find ones suited to their interests. The platform is a collaboration between SCI researchers and people living with SCI.

SCITrials.org is making clinical trials easier to access and easier to understand, thus allowing the community to be more involved in the development and execution of research,” said Barry Munro, the chief development officer with the Canadian Spinal Research Organization/American Spinal Research Organization and also a wheelchair user with an SCI. “With the ability to be more engaged and included in clinical trials, we believe our community is much better served.”

When you go to SCITrials.org on your smartphone, it asks for your location, injury level, severity and time since injury. Fill in the boxes and hit Find Trials. If you click More Info on one that’s recruiting, you’re given further options: follow, hide and apply. It’s that easy to use.

The platform filters trials to show only those from legitimate universities, research centers and hospitals. You can save your unique trial preferences and receive emails letting you know when relevant trials in their area become available. SCITrials.org is a joint initiative of the North American Spinal Cord Injury Consortium, the Canadian/American Spinal Research Organization and endParalysis.org, with development provided by fuelService.org.

** This post was originally published on http://www.newmobility.com/2019/11/sign-up-for-sci-clinical-trials/

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