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Cole & Charisma put together a video explaining the difference between quadriplegia and paraplegia. Thank you to everyone who helped us make this video happen! Cole & Charisma hopes that this helps you all understand what it means to be a quadriplegic vs a paraplegic!

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Hey everyone! We’re Cole & Charisma. Since the start of our relationship we’ve gotten a lot of questions about how we make things work as not only an interracial couple, but an interabled one as well. There are certainly differences, and despite them we have a great time, all the time! On this channel, you’ll find travel vlogs, Q&As, couple challenges, how-to/educational videos and more. We started this channel to bring people into our lives so we can answer some questions about how we navigate the world. We’ll show you behind-the-scenes stuff people typically don’t see, and hopefully raise awareness surrounding accessibility and dating in a wheelchair. You’ll quickly see in our episodes that we’re all about positivity, inclusion, and keeping a great attitude no matter your circumstances, so if that’s what you’re into, you’re in the right place!

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