Occupational Therapists Have Success “Every Time” Using Seating Matters Chairs for Patients

I am pleased to welcome guests to Seating Matters HQ and even more so when enthusiastic occupational therapists who share my passion to improve patient care through seating come to visit! 

Today, our Seating Specialist, Jamie Mooney visited along with Debra Haigh and Sharon Todd, OTs from South Tyneside Council, UK.  They have had experience using Seating Matters chairs with numerous clients who have more basic to rather complex seating needs.  They explored the factory, discovering a little more about the unique manufacturing of Seating Matters chairs as well as hearing more about the clincial functions of the chairs.



Debra said, “The chairs can be adapted to fit different people meaning we have had great success with the chairs. Getting clients into a functional position to improve things like breathing, better eye contact and pressure care is what its about. Every time we have supplied a chair it has made a massive difference.”  Debra continues, “We have had a really positive experience with Seating Matters.  Jamie is really knowledgeable about the products and helpful.”

I hope you enjoyed your trip, we were very pleased to meet you and hear all the wonderful work you are doing as an OT to improve patient care everyday.

If you have a client in mind who would benefit from a complimantary Seating Assessment in Newcastle, Middlesborough or the surronding Northumberland and Durham area, Jamie will be happy to help.  Get in touch today.


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