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New Posts from the Wide World of Disability

Parsons School of Design grads create stylish accessories for your chair. The internet loves (and hates) the new Queer Eye for the Straight Guy episode featuring a wheelchair user. Two quad musicians podcast about “whiskey drinking music.” A stunning 148-foot-tall spiraling ramp nestled in a forest canopy gives people of all abilities a breathtaking perspective on nature. And more.


When the Nightmare of an Airline Losing Your Wheelchair Comes True

What happens when an airline loses your wheelchair? Kristen Parisi spent 10 hours waiting to get hers back and shares some of what she learned in the process: Don’t let the airlines pass you to third-party vendors, document everything, and follow up; airlines will try to brush you off, but bad publicity is a powerful motivator.


Strategies to Avoid Pressure Sores

Some pressure injuries can come from a one-off issue — sitting on an unforgiving surface or a having an awkward fall — but long-time wheelchair users may experience microtraumas we don’t even know are happening until it’s too late. Focusing on careful transfers and reducing friction and shear could help you avoid deep tissue injuries that are impossible to spot with a nightly skin check.

Surprising Guilt-Free Energy Boosters

What do coffee and steak have in common (besides being delicious)? They can both boost energy levels while providing much-needed nutrients. Our nutrition guru shows how these gastronomic pleasures can be enjoyed guilt-free to ward off the daily fatigue that is all too common for disabled people.

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