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Untangling Spinal Cord Complications

No one wants to worry about the possibility of losing more function or suffering from increased pain, but scar tissue and cysts in and on the spinal cord can cause just that for a small percentage of people with SCI. Ali Ingersoll reports on the good, the bad and the weird that came from a trip to China to remove a cyst that she feared would destroy her quality of life. Tim Gilmer talks with Ingersoll and other wheelers to learn how to handle spinal cord complications, and he also interviews Dr. Wise Young and Dr. David Darrow to better understand how researchers are working to restore function.


Getty and Verizon Media Offer New Disability Photography Grant

Calling all disabled photographers — if you’re looking for a way to influence how the public sees disability, check out the Disability Stories grant from Getty Images and Verizon Media. The awards consist of funding, mentorship with Getty’s art directors, promotion and a chance to license your work on Getty Images.


The Experience of Falconry

Ever thought about having a winged killing machine pluck some meat out your hand? Us neither … until Bob Vogel pitched a story on how organizations are making the ancient practice of falconry wheelchair accessible. Turns out it’s a lot less scary, and way more awe-inspiring, than you’d ever imagine.



Drop something small? Toss a reusable bag on the floor, scoop the item into the bag and snag the bag with your reacher. Need a temporary joystick nob replacement? Try a wine cork. These are just two of the many helpful tips produced by NMD United using the hashtag #IndependTips. Each IndependTip takes the form of an easy-to-share video, infographic or image containing a short piece of advice or insight. Check them out on your social media platform of choice.

Intrepid Exploration With Manu Heras

Whether pushing his wheelchair through the ocean in an attempt to find a secluded beach or hitchhiking across South America, Manu Heras has gotten himself into — and out of — all sorts of tricky situations throughout his many international adventures. He gives advice on everything from mobility equipment to mindset so you, too, can see the world on a budget. “Don’t be scared — you’ll figure things out as they happen,” he says. “Just be patient, open, creative, flexible and a little bit ready!”

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