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Disabled Docs — Healing the Medical Model?

Wheelchair users are graduating from medical school and rolling into emergency rooms, operating rooms and private practices with greater frequency than ever before. Tim Gilmer reports on how doctors with lived disability experience may be a key to making health care more inclusive for all.


Carrie Ann Lucas: 1971-2019

Carrie Ann Lucas, a beloved national disability rights icon from Denver, Colorado, has died at age 47. A fierce and passionate advocate and attorney, Lucas is perhaps best known for pioneering legal representation for disabled parents in danger of losing custody of their children. Please click to read our full tribute to this powerful woman.


A Skeptic’s Journey With Alexa

As someone who has long had problems with voice recognition technology, Cristina Cortez was skeptical when she received an Amazon Echo Show as a gift. But the Echo’s functionality left her impressed — she uses it to update her calendar, set reminders, organize her day, check email and a whole lot more. “Although no technology is perfect, I have unlocked increased independence and efficiency with Alexa,” she writes.

Gear Hacks: The Jogger Chair

After an unfortunate encounter with a stop sign, Seth McBride set out to make a racing-chair alternative that sacrificed a little speed for a lot more comfort and maneuverability. With the help of a dusty sports frame, a FreeWheel and a little hacking, he came up with a chair that is perfect for a quick workout around the neighborhood. The jogger chair was born.

Wintertime SCI Skin Protection

Even though the calendar says March, icy storms are still battering the country. Good thing we have Bob Vogel to give some tips on staying warm while keeping our skin protected during winter’s last blast of cold weather.

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