Mobility Products Roundup

The Phase 2 Hybrid Forks take Frog Legs’ patented suspension forks to a new level. They combine a newly designed aluminum top with a high-strength, lightweight carbon fiber swing arm that is curved to create optimal shock and vibration absorption. The result is quicker response to bumps and a smoother ride.

For suspension action, the Phase 2 Hybrid uses a wedge polymer to give the shock a significantly faster response than a standard round polymer. Plus, the wedge shape creates a progressive response — it becomes stiffer as more force, such as from cracks and bumps, is put on it. This prevents bottoming out and creates a smoother ride for the wheelchair user, which then reduces fatigue, spasticity and pain. It also makes it easier to roll over small obstacles like curb cuts, sidewalk cracks and door thresholds.

The Phase 2 Hybrid works for users up to 260 pounds, and with 3, 4, 5 and 6-inch diameter casters.

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