Microsoft’s Patent For Braille XBox Controller Is Exciting For Blind Gamers

Diagram of proposed braille controller from patent document showing paddles on the back that a blind gamer will press to provide input to the game and also receive haptic feedback. Three paddles on each side are shown in this diagram.

More recently, we have seen accessibility becoming more prominent in the gaming world. To make things a lot more accessible and easier, especially for visually impaired or blind gamers, Microsoft has filed for a patent design for a braille controller. This proposed controller will have paddles at the back that can be set up in various configurations. These paddles will be used to provide input using Braille as well as to receive output in the form of haptic feedback to the person holding the controller.

The patent design doesn’t have a lot of details but this design obviously will revolutionize the way blind people interact with gaming console. Filed in August 2018, we are not sure if Microsoft will really make this patent a reality. If Microsoft doesn’t, others can, right? It is great inspiration for us to make every day objects accessible for blind people using Braille.

Read more about the patent here.

Source: Engadget

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