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Senior Living and Health care

The idea of independent living as a principle is believed that seniors are the best to assess their needs than another person. This is in a way empowering their disability. To put their lives in order, these people should establish a power within themselves to promote answers for their self-respect and opinion. Self-representation, de-institutionalization and de-medicalization are some ways for empowerment.

The empowerment that comes with being independent helps to accomplish a sense of self-determination. If they are allowed to take part in social activities without obstruction from institutional restraint and customs, they could be normal where they can achieve freedom and control their life. Generally, assistive mobility equipment is extremely helpful in strengthening movements and power to act. This equipment also provides the individual to choose how to support their aspiration for independence better than institutional control.

Senior Living Aids and Essentials

In many instances, the elderly people battle with various disabilities and simple daily chores become a challenge for them. Independent Living Specialists provides a wide range of living aids and essentials to assist with their daily living needs and personal care.

The products include modern household requisites that are made easy to use together with special equipment suitable for various tasks.

Popular Senior Living Aids and Essentials

Product Price $ Remarks




This is one of the worlds leading form of clinically tested non-slip grip socks.

The Easireacher



This device lengthens your arm to avoid stretching or bending to pick up objects. It is economical and durable manufactured with wire driven jaws instead of a string which could stretch and break.

Bath in Bed Wipes




This product from Reynard is ideal for quick and effective waterless cleansing of the body.  It can be used hot or cold and also reduce cross-contamination. It has been dermatologically tested and approved


Car Transfer Bar




This device is suitable for those with physically related issues such as recovering from surgery or those with back problems.  It is a safe and supportive handhold to transfer in and out of a vehicle.


Bib Clothing Protector




Made out of breathable waterproof polyurethane backing two-way stretch fabric which doesn’t fray when washed.

Living with a Disability

Living with a disabling illness or injury can bring about fear and unsettled concerns. Although living with a disability is not easy, it can be overcome like the millions of people who have undergone the same issue.

The modern invention of disability equipment is the best thing that happened to ease the pain of living with a disability. It has given people their independence to lead a normal life to the best of their ability.

Make stress management your priority as this could be hard on the body and make many symptoms worse. It is vital to find ways and means to manage your stress, such as modelling out a healthy balance in your life and learning a fresh approach towards coping with the disability.

Popular Disability Aids

Product Price Details

The Pride Go-Go LX Mobility Scooter




This is s fast-moving product in the scooter range and one of the most advanced travel products in the market. It is equipped with independent front and rear suspension, sleek style, feather-touch dis-assembling and standard lighting.


Titan Power Chair




This powerchair is stylish and comfortable. It is ideal for indoor operation with easy navigation in tight spaces and outdoor performance is enhanced by its stability over small obstacle encounters.


Hero Medical Seat Walker




This device can hold up to 130kg and certified as Australian standards. Equipped with feather touch lock brake system, new flat ridged wheels to lessen wheel wobble, improved grip and foldable backrest for comfort. Usable both indoors and outdoors.


Forearm crutches




This product is available in both medium and large sizes. It is lightweight, strong and durable manufactured with high flexibly pressed aluminium.



Hoists-Scaleo Compact Poweo Patient Lifter




This equipment is helpful for those depending on caregivers. It is ideal for transferring patients to other locations or lifting from the floor.

Assistance from Independent Living Specialists

ILS is an Australian owned establishment operating for more than 15 years with 22 showrooms scattered across New South Wales and Queensland. They are open even during these trying times to satisfy their customer needs.

ILS has a solution for any sports injury, rehabilitation, recovery from surgery, illness or even assist with any type of physiotherapy and home-care equipment.

Their mobility solutions include Mobility scooters, mobility aids & accessories, lift chairs & seating, hospital beds, daily living aids, respiratory, pressure care, bathroom aids, therapy, exercise and physio, bariatric equipment, fall prevention, patient transfer aids, ward and facility furniture.

In addition to the above, the best solution is their express online delivery to the door, which at this moment is indeed a blessing to overcome the lockdown , with stay at home policy in effect Australia wide.

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