How Bedroom Accessories Can Help Seniors And Physically Impaired Individuals

What are Bedroom Accessories

Bedroom accessories help seniors and those who are physically impaired to be safe and comfortable in the enclosure of their bedroom. Sometimes even getting in and out of the bed can be a tedious job and some of the accessories introduced to assist in many ways. Bed sticks, supportive rails, angled foam cushions, bedside commodes, and bed raisers are few of the bedroom accessories available at Independent Living Specialists showrooms Australia wide.

How can they help

Their main source of assistance is to provide support to seniors and physically impaired inside the bedroom. Those who need assistance with repositioning and getting on and off the bed could make use of the bed sticks or supportive rails. The angled foam cushions could be used to give support and comfort d to the upper body. Bed raisers increase the bed’s height for easier access and bedside commode for toileting.

Best Accessories for Seniors

Seniors with mobility issues usually, find sleeping and turning themselves in bed or getting in and out bed a challenging task. ILS has a selected range of bedroom accessories to make the bedroom a comfortable and safe environment.

The Cobra bed stick priced at $49.99, provide seniors assistance to get in and out of the bed and re-position. It is perfect for larger or smaller than average size beds.

Bed raisers are available at $9.99. each. It’s a strong plastic brick used for raising beds and chairs by 40mm and 100mm.

The bed wedge is priced at 144.99. It is an angled foam cushion that provides comfort and support to the upper body. Perfect for those ailing with respiratory and weakening issues.

The bedside commode is priced at $199.99. It is a chair with a clip-on the toilet seat, height adjustable, easy to clean, and removable bowl with lid and handle.

Best Accessories for the Disabled

Issues faced by the disabled depends on the disability. However, ILS has the ideal bedroom accessories to suit any requirement.
The adjustable backrest priced at 75.99, gives comfort and security, adjustable into 4 positions from low lying angle to an upright sitting position. Easily foldable and usable on beds and chairs. The overbed table is available at $199.99, featuring recessed edges for easy cleaning and moveable easily from the bed due to its twin 50mm castors.

The Stand Up Floor Alarm is a device used to monitor a patient’s movement. It is highly beneficial for caregivers of patients who are at risk of falling and being injured.

How To Purchase via Independent Living Specialists

All these and many more products are available at all stores of Independent Living Specialists Australia wide. ILS is always there to assist their customers with home care equipment needs to suit any age, disability, or injury.

All products are available online with delivery, Australia wide. A wide range of units can be accessed via

If you opt for store purchases, the Independent Living Specialists stores are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm. (except for the Lane Cove flagship store, which operates until 4 pm on Saturdays )

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