Five Mobility Scooter Accessories For Comfort

Mobility scooters are available in selective models and sizes to suit the requirement of the customer. Although each scooter is different from another, considering the range of mobility scooters available at Independent Living Specialists, finding the perfect mobility scooter will be an easy task for the customers.

Benefits of Mobility Scooters

A mobility scooter is a flexible, stylish tool that helps an invalid to gain independence and live life to its fullest. It is seriously, a good investment. Being stuck at home when you are unable to move with only a newspaper or TV as company could be devastating. However, immobility should not be a hindrance to enjoying life. Further, waiting for someone to assist with daily chores and tasks is eliminated as the mobility scooter allows a person to take matters into their own hands and permitting to move about like a normal person.

Flexibility comes from the swivelling seat that allows getting on and off easily. Height adjustability and portability for space-saving and transportation are few other useful features.

The modern designs and changes of the current mobility scooters can relatively develop your personality for the betterment of your self-styling.

What is a mobility accessory?

Mobility scooter accessories are tools that enhances the appearance and performance of the mobility scooter. Various tools are available at Independent Living Specialists’ stores Australia wide. The mobility scooter flag plus bracket, safety bag, canopy combo, rear bag and cane holder, Mirror, cup holder and bag and crutch holder are some of the important and popular mobility scooter accessories.

The red flag plus bracket fits into the back of the scooter and great indicator to keep traffic and pedestrians at a safe distance. It helps the visibility of the scooter, particularly in dimly lit areas.

The mobility scooter canopies are great when there is a sudden downpour. The rear bag and cane holder serve as a two in one option. Carrying your groceries and cane for balancing oneself is a great option.

The side view mirror is an accessory that helps improve safety and security manifold. A quick look at the mirror is all that is needed before changing lanes or even a simple thing as backing up the scooter.

Top five products and price details




Mobility Scooter Flag + Bracket 35.99 This has been designed keeping the safety of the user in mind. It comes with all parts needed to install when travelling safely to your destination.  The square bracket receiver is usable with most other scooters.
Mobility Scooter Canopy 169.99 This mobility scooter canopy combo by Independent Living Specialist is an accessory that is essential for anyone who intends to enjoy outside their domain. It fits easily to most scooters that have a1x1 seat bracket under the rear of the scooter seat. Made with high-quality water-resistant material and suitable for most medium and large scooters.
Mobility Scooter rear bag and cane holder 149.99 This accessory gives the best independence to your mobility requirements allowing provisions to make the most of the day outside your home. This robust design will ensure the safety of your walking stick, cane, and any other packed items inclusive of a compact result to your scooter storage.
Pride Mobility Scooter Mirror 45.99 This accessory is a mirror with black finish including a threaded end to screw into handlebars of any Pride mobility scooter.
Mobility Scooter Bag and Crutch Holder 150.99 This accessory is a large shopping bag made with strong Velcro, attached to the back of the seat. Removable easily whenever required. Ideal for shopping and easy to add canopy too.

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