Five Advantages Of A Wheel Walker

A wheeled walker is generally equipped with a seat and wheels. It is very popular due to its safety, extra comfort and least risk of injury. All parts of the wheel walkers provided by Independent Living Specialists have been chosen from a wide range of reputed brands for their various features and benefits.

Senior Living

With the onset of age, those reaching 55 and above are usually termed as seniors. Considering the change in life and living situation, it becomes vital to plan for the future and give time and space to handle the expected changes. These plans will be helpful to find an independent living arrangement to make life easier and move on easily in your retirement.

Ageing is considered as a time of transformation and change but it is important to get used to the idea of moving on independently.

The requirement of a Walker

A walker is a device that can be used to aid people who need assistance although they can walk. It is a four-legged frame that permits a person to lean on it for balance, support and even rest.

This is helpful for people who are ill with muscle, bone or neurological issues. Arthritis in the knees and hips, post-surgical after fractured bone or recovering from a crippling disease are some of the most common illnesses.

Five Advantages of a Walker

  1. Using a walker safeguards your walks whether it is inside or outside your house, it will give more support and a sense of security about taking the best safety measures.
  2. Walkers reduce weight-bearing, therefore, it helps to be movable and active for longish hours and walk further distances.
  3. Walkers can be used to take a rest when required such as getting tired on the go by overexerting or having a little stamina that day.
  4. A walker is used mostly as a tool for precautionary measures. It is used when a person needs some extra support. This device is the best mobility support when the situation arises.
  5. The extra support and strength to bear some of the user’s weight reduce stress on the body. This helps to increase stamina and keep energy levels high without straining the muscles.

Popular Wheel Walkers Available at Independent Living Specialists

Product Price$ Details

Hero Medical Seat Walker




This is a heavy-duty seat walker with a  capacity of carrying up to 130kg usable indoors and outdoors. Features include feather touch lock brake system, modern 15cm ridged wheels to decrease wheel wobble and grip increase and easily foldable backrest for comfort.


Travel Lite Portable Outdoor Seat Walker with Seat, Bag & Crutch Holder




This modern seat walker has been designed to give the utmost mobility for users with many features including fast adjustable handle height and easy foldable structure.


Drive Medical Carbon Fibre Nitro Elite Super Lightweight seat walker




A luxurious super lightweight carbon fibre frame of just 5 kgs, this sleek walker has been designed to move swiftly and effortlessly. The strong braking system and large 10” wheels support it’s excellent guiding and control. The handle and height can be adjusted easily with the touch of a button. It can be folded easily into an ultra-compact size and stores in a deluxe zippered bag. It also has a cane holder to store a walking cane for an emergency.

How Can ILS Help

Independent Living Specialists, a pioneer in supplying mobility equipment are keeping all their stores open Australia wide during these trying times. Their support services are contactable on 1300008267 or email online

Their Occupational Therapists are the flag bearers of ILS when it comes to gaining trusts of the customers followed by the customer service team who plays a great part in the warehouse preparation towards dispatch.

ILS is in partnership with brands that symbolize the Australian accessibility enterprises. Their work with local and international companies has paved its way to expand a complete product range showcasing the first-rate quality and range of solutions in what’s available in the market today, to support and improve the mobility and independence of its trusted customers.

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