FAQ: How Often Should a Patient be Repositioned in a Chair?

At Seating Matters, a commonly asked question we are approached with is, how often should I reposition my patient?


45 degree tilt thumbnail.png


We tend to follow the NICE guidelines and advise that repositioning should occur every 2 hours. Each patient would need an individual assessment and depending on their mobility and skin integrity this may increase or decrease. It also worth noting that for those with no mobility, placing the tilt right back to the greatest degree for five minutes is enough time to reoxygenate the tissue and then the patient can be tilted back up in to a more functional position.

During the clinical research we conducted with Ulster University we achieved a reduction in pressure injuries and prevented any new pressure injuries from developing. To help others replicate these results we developed The Four Principles of Pressure Management in Seating – each principle is equally important. Repositioning is one of the principles but cannot be advised on as a standalone guideline, each of the four principles must be addressed to achieve optimum pressure management in seating.

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