Dynamic Head Support for Wheelchairs: can I add additional supports?

Seating Dynamics - Head Support for WheelchairsMichelle L. Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS

Seating Dynamics offers 3 Dynamic Seating options – the Dynamic Rocker Back interface, Dynamic Footrests, and Dynamic Head Support Hardware. The last option is available in Single Axis (which moves about 10 degrees posteriorly in midline) and Multi-Axis (which moves about 10 degrees in any direction). The hardware is compatible with a number of manufacturer’s head pads.

Although a wide variety of head pads are available, sometimes additional support is required. Our hardware can support a lateral swing-away arm and pad, as well as a sub-occipital pad. The arms and pads do have to be ordered directly from the manufacturer.

Suboccipital Pad

A sub-occipital pad provides support at the posterior base of the skull at the sub-occipital shelf. This level of support is often used to provide some actual weightbearing of the skull for postural support, to limit neck hyperextension, and to promote a midline position. If a client is using a head support system that includes both an occipital and a sub-occipital pad, our hardware can accommodate this. Seating Dynamics offers an adapter to accept the Stealth Products sub-occipital pad.

Lateral Pads

Many clients require some type of lateral support to limit neck rotation or lateral flexion. Lateral supports are also sometimes used to mount switches for access to assistive technology devices. Seating Dynamics offers a pad adapter / clamp ring to accept Stealth Products Swing-Away hardware which can be added to the Single or Multi-Axis Dynamic Head Support Hardware. Lateral pads or switches (not included) can be added to the Swing-Away Hardware and are available from those manufacturers.

If you are working with a client who requires Dynamic components at the head, but also requires suboccipital or lateral support, consider our Dynamic Head Support Hardware. Just give us a call, we will be happy to help you spec this out!

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