Deciding between the Inogen One G3 and Inogen One G5

Inogen is a company well-known for providing the best quality and efficient oxygen concentrators for COPD patients. Their introduction of portable oxygen machines has provided the best experience possible without incurring additional expenditure.

Further, noteworthy features about Inogen is that their products’ style rarely gets outdated although new products have been introduced every other year. Models produced previously remain famous and still compete with their latest models, which is an assurance to their customers that a unit will not become obsolete the next day.

However, it is better to compare the products when buying a portable oxygen concentrator.

Inogen G5

This product is the latest Inogen oxygen therapy machine introduced in 2019. This product’s size and battery run time have never been seen before with its fluctuating flow settings from 1-6, created for 24-hour use to boost the user’s independence and Its replaceable batteries and sieve beds make it easier to service the unit. The display is easy to read with simple push controls. It could be charged at home or on-the-go.

Inogen G3

This product was introduced in 2012 with many important changes in the Inogen G2 which included a 25% increase in the oxygen output without a change in the size, weight, and new sleek design. It is one of the smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrators produced by Inogen. Any worries of changing the tank or running out of oxygen whilst on the go can be kept at bay, due to its long battery life.

Maximum Oxygen Output

Inogen G5 and Inogen G3 are pulse flow portable concentrators, signifying the fact that instead of distributing oxygen continuously, it matches the breathing and delivers a required dose when it detects inhalation. Portable continuous flow concentrators are generally much heavier and cumbersome than pulse flow units.

The Inogen G5 scores better than the G3 when it comes to maximum oxygen output. It can exhale 1260 ml per minute in comparison with G3 which can exhale 1050 ml oxygen per minute. The Inogen G4 also provides an additional pulse flow setting than the G3. G5 can go up to 6 while the G3 can only go up to 5.

Inogen G3 works well with those who have mild or moderate COPD, but, if a person has stage 3 or 4 COPD, the doctor would probably recommend a higher flow rate, resulting in opting for a G5.


Inogen One G5 4950.99 Weighing just 1.22kg, it is an efficient and lightweight portable device with a 3-year warranty.
Inogen One G3 4500.99 Weighing 2.1kg, it has many features of the earlier products backed with 3 years limited warranty and 1year column warranty.


The weight of the product is an important factor for most people when choosing a portable oxygen concentrator. Currently, people expect to carry their oxygen concentrators without exhaustion. Although G5 weighs less than G3 most people may not be able to notice the difference and when it is fastened with a comfortable padded strap on to the body, it is very likely to be unnoticed.

Inogen G5 and G3 oxygen portable concentrators are available at all Independent Living Specialists stores, Australia wide and via the online store.

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