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Wareologie is excited to launch with Buttons 2 Button Magnetic Adaptors. Convert your shirt buttons and buttonholes into magnetic closures. Overcome dexterity challenges and make it easy to get dressed and undressed.

Here is a quick instructional video to help you install adaptors. It’s important to attach button adaptors correctly so they will function properly and withstand machine washing. Our patent pending design is a no-sew solution. Plus, adaptors can be transferred to other shirts for seasonal wardrobe changes.

Please note, it will require fine motor skills to install but once on, they are a semi permanent solution to help people with tremors dress independently.


  1. Check the size of your buttons first by measuring to the example on box.
  2. Soak caps in warm water before installing. This helps them slide on.
  3. Stick one edge of the button under cap “lip” and push. Squeeze sides of cap to help lip wrap around underside of button.

Please visit us at Buttons2Button.com and follow us on Facebook @Buttons2Button.
Thank you!

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