Any person experiencing breathing problems should not ignore the symptom. There are times when we feel like running out of breath. This could be due to the ageing process or lack of exercise but whatever the issue, it is not something to be ignored as it could probably be a sign of a serious health issue.

Firstly, it is recommended to get your health condition assessed by a professional and determine the nature of the oxygen-delivery mode suitable for the illness.

Oxygen Delivery Modes

Three modes of oxygen-delivery available to meet most patients’ requirements are pulse mode, sleep mode and continuous flow.

Pulse Mode

This unit detects the intake of breath and provides the necessary of oxygen.

Sleep Mode

This unit is active when a patient is asleep. It switches automatically to provide continuous flow if a breath is not detected.

Continuous Flow

This unit delivers oxygen non-stop.



Some of the best portable oxygen and home concentrators are now available at all stores of Independent Living Specialists Australia wide. These portable oxygen concentrators help to be active and independent while carrying on your daily chores without any hindrance to your breathing. However, the unit should be chosen depending on your oxygen requirement, lifestyle and environment. ILS has portable home oxygen concentrators from Airsep, Innogen, Respironics and Phillips brands selected after considering their unbeatable position and persistent production of solid, high quality and reliable units.

Knowing Your Oxygen Concentrator Prior to Purchase

• Heedful of the dose of oxygen required in litres per minute(LPM)
• Being aware of whether the concentrator is required while asleep.
• Ensure whether you are a mouth breather.
• Being aware of whether pulse mode oxygen could be used when active.
• Being aware of which battery life is required to suit your lifestyle.

A person who is thorough with the above answers would be capable of purchasing the correct unit to suit his or her requirement.

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Inogen One G3 HF Oxygen concentrator, Inogen at home concentrator and Respironics simply go portable oxygen concentrator are some the fast-moving portable and at home concentrator available at Independent Living Specialists.

Inogen One G3 HF Oxygen Concentrator

This portable oxygen concentrator is the smallest and lightest concentrator in the market today. Equipped with many excellent features, this unit could be carried with one hand. The long battery life assures the fact of not having to worry about changing tanks or running out of oxygen when travelling. The unit is inclusive of 1×8 cell rechargeable lithium batteries, nasal cannula, carry bag and strap, ac power supply and mobile charger. However, a prescription for oxygen is required to use this device.

Inogen G3 with Battery

Inogen at Home Oxygen Concentrator

This new home oxygen concentrator is considered to be the quietest, lightest and the best energy-efficient continuous flow oxygen concentrator in the market today. Weighing approximately 8kg, it is half the weight of some of the currently used oxygen concentrators. Its low noise level at 40 decibels at flow setting 2 and very low power consumption makes it the most excellent choice for a home oxygen concentrator. It is also cost effective due to its very low power consumption. However, a prescription for oxygen is required to use this device.

inogen at home oxygen concentrator desc

Respironics Simply Go Portable Oxygen Concentrator

This is the only portable home oxygen concentrator that has a continuous flow and pulse-dose delivery in a single unit weighing 4.5kg. In other words, your oxygen therapy and lifestyle needs can now be managed with just one portable oxygen concentrator. However, a prescription for oxygen is mandatory.
These products are available at the lowest online prices with free express delivery.

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