Assessing the Impact Of COVID-19

“I contracted COVID-19 and was hospitalized. I participated in a Remdesivir study and had good results. I continued to improve, and I am doing well.”

“Curbside delivery of food from restaurants has been wonderful with not needing to get my chair out of the car to get food.”

“Unable to go to the hospital for pressure sore issues. That has been very difficult. Also, my caregiver is no longer working, so my 60-year-old parents are doing everything.”

“I’ve lost my income for the rest of the year, as my employer has decided not to reopen this year.”

“I had family call me a murderer for going out. Drove two hours to eat inside a restaurant today. Felt great and no mask.”

“I enjoy solitude, but I miss seeing friends and family, socializing, human touch. I am an active volunteer, and I miss that involvement. Normally, I would be taking part in the ongoing protests, but I won’t put my health more at risk. A close friend died from COVID-19, and those of us who loved him can’t be together to support each other and celebrate his life.”

“Zoom has actually improved my connection with others in the disability community.”

“This COVID-19 situation was a whole new level of isolation. It was depressing to have more limits put into my life than ‘just’ my quadriplegia.”

“At first I was irritated and couldn’t wait to get back to life. But now I’ve accepted it, and this is a new way of life — like when we were injured, we had to adjust how we did things.”

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