Adaptive Toys for Children with Disabilities

While certain toys can turn playtime into a stressful event for parents and caregivers of children with disabilities, there are a wide variety of options available to delight and entertain kids of all ages. From sensory experiences to gadgets helpful in motor skill development, adaptive toys are a valuable addition to any playroom. Here are a few great suggestions for the little ones in your life.

Infinite Loop Playset

An ideal tool for children (or adults!), the Infinite Loop enhances hand-eye coordination and concentration while improving reflexes and muscle control. The object of this activity is to maneuver a ball through the curves of a looped track, controlling it in order to keep it from falling. This activity is suitable for all ages, however it does require the use of two hands.

River Stones

Imitating the patterns and steepness of real stones, River Stones are plastic stepping pieces of varying sizes designed to stimulate coordination and balance in children with disabilities as they make their way across. Parents can reposition the stones in order to make the path more or less challenging, making this activity a physically engaging and fun break from homework.

Giant Crash Pad

Made from impact-absorbing foam, the Giant Crash Pad is sure to be an instant hit with little ones. Its massive size and soft stuffing make this (really big) toy a great tool for building balance and motor skills, allowing kids to interact with it freely without the fear of falling on a hard surface. As a bonus, this pad makes for a super comfortable seat even adults will enjoy lounging on.


LEGO blocks have been an integral part of childhood for generations. DUPLO bricks are double the size of traditional LEGOs, offering added safety and making them easier for little hands to grip. The possibilities are endless with LEGO DUPLO block sets, as they allow children to explore the corners of their imagination, a great way to build self-esteem and problem solving skills.

Glow-in-the-Dark PlayFoam

Nearly any toy that gives children the opportunity to unleash their creativity can be a beneficial addition to play sessions. PlayFoam allows kids to shape and reshape the malleable foam into inspiring creations and innovative designs. The glow-in-the-dark formula makes simply turning off the lights an all-new experience!

If you’ve been searching for safe and educational additions to your child’s toy collection, these five suggestions offer creative outlets and physical stimulation that feel like good old-fashioned fun! Also, don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more accessibility tips and updates.

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