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If you spend extended portions of the day in bed or are bed-ridden for a medical condition, you can still be productive, stay in contact with friends and family, and be entertained.   At Komodo Open Lab, we have been asked often, by caregivers and patients, “what options there are for communication, entertainment, and environment control from bed?”

Thanks to technology, bedridden patients can be in contact with the rest of the world and control their surroundings with more ease than ever before. Using the tecla-e and a variety of different ability switches, there is a solution for almost every individual no matter the amount of mobility they have available, and regardless if they are hooked up to a ventilator or not.

Tecla is an affordable and versatile solution for quadriplegics and users with other mobility impairments. In addition to providing easy access to smartphones, tablets, computers and smart home devices, some of the most common activities include:

  • Communication with loved ones: Have the ability to make a call for leisure or in case of an emergency by pairing your iPhone or Android Smartphone with tecla-e. Here, you’ll be able to access all features of the device including FaceTime, Skype, iMessage, and text messages for communication.
  • Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.
  • Reading: Kindle, Texture App, New York Times, etc.
  • Entertainment: YouTube, Netflix. (The Tecla team recommends the Theory of Everything, the Xmen Series, or Inside Out for your viewing pleasure)
  • Smart Home Control: turn the lights on and off, adjust the temperature using your Smart Thermostat, or even change the TV channel using a Logitech harmony remote.
  • Learn more about how you can get the most of these activities by using our tecla-e app.

What is Needed to use the tecla-e from Bed?

You’ll need a tecla-e, your ability switches and target devices. Ability switches range from simple buttons to sensors that you can activate by whatever movement you have available, for example: blowing or blinking. See our list below of switches we recommend for bed use:

The Top 4 Switches for Usage from Bed

1) Sip & Puff  – can be mounted to the bedside table and it can be re-positioned easily if the user changes position.

sip and puff

2) Chin Switch – worn like a loose necklace with the switch placed below the chin. It can be triggered using slight head movements up and down.

chin switch

3) Pillow Switch – pinned onto a pillow or bed accessory. This soft-to-touch switch is activated with slight head movements toward the device wherever placed.

Pillow Switch

4) SCATIR Switch – (One of our favourite switches.) The sensor is discreetly hidden inside the frames of an individual’s glasses and is triggered through a forceful blink. Sensitivity can be adjusted, and minimal movement is required.

Scatir switch

If you’re interested in learning more about switch access or the tecla, email our team of assistive technology experts at Thanks for reading!

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