At Seating Matters we use the latest technology and design to ensure our products are at the cutting edge of specialised seating for the healthcare market. We are continually evaluating and reevaluating their effectiveness and respond quickly to clients’ needs and requests, through enhanced designs and bespoke solutions. We provide chairs which are easy to operate, are adjust and are user friendly.


As an Occupational Therapist I am very aware that the product is only half of the solution. This was the reason I left my job with the NHS. I witnessed everyday clients who purchased their own equipment but did not receive proper advice and assessment. I also realized there was a need to increase awareness of the impact of poor seating within the general public and the healthcare system. 

Poor assessment leads to:

  • Progression of existing deviant posture.
  • Development of new deviant posture.
  • Inefficient use of resources.
  • Cost to both patient and your organisation.

Therefore, proper assessment and education is vital for a successful outcome for our clients.  

The patient is at the heart of Seating Matters interests. To ensure that their seating and postural needs are being met we offer complimentary, no obligation Seating Assessments. If you have a patient who would benefit from an individual client assessment or would like to increase your knowledge in specialised seating provision, we are here to help

Consequently, Seating Matters is first and foremost a clinical company providing, training, advice, education and seating assessment for healthcare workers, family members, clients and carers.

We have a team of highly trained staff both internal and external to provide support and advice to maximize the patient outcomes.

I provide training through a range of different formats:

  • Clinical training sessions.
  • 2 hour education workshops.
  • Full day seminars.

In addition, Seating Matters has produced ‘The Clinicians Seating Handbook’ which is an essential guide for anyone involved in the provision of specialised seating. If this is a resource you feel would benefit your practice, certainly  request your FREE copy here. 

The clinical section of our website is packed full of useful information and resources for those who wish to access more information.

For example, my top tips for today when seating a patient are: 

If you have any immediate queries, we have a live chat function on our website where our highly trained internal Seating Specialist can assist you promptly. 


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